For all of the polarizing opinions and experiences that permeate society today, there is at least one thing that we can all bond over that annoying conversation you have with afriend or family member when you just don’t know what you want to eat. You could spend hours on UberEats,Google,or TripAdvisor before everyone finally agrees on a restaurant and meal.

After all, with this era of information and content overload comes endless choices, especially in the food realm. Do I want Indian food or Japanese, Greek or Ethiopian? Do I want a meal that’s sweet or sour, spicy or cool, soft or with a crunch? And then, when you finally decide, you realize that the food is much too expensive and definitely not great for your health.

What is Chaat?

Chaat is used as an umbrella term to describe some of Indias most treasured street foods. Whats interesting about chaat is that you can use any ingredients to make it. For example, you can make chaat out of fruits, vegetables, samosas, lentils, chickpeas, or all of these combined to name a few.

However, just like any other meal, this Indian staple has a few fundamental components to it that makes chaat beloved by millions; and unlike any other meal, these essential pieces combined together offer a range of tastes and sensations from spicy to cool, and salty to sweet, that will appease all of your edible desires at once.