Gobi 65

Gobi 65

Sometimes it can be difficult for vegans and non-vegetarians to agree on their favorite foods. And as more people begin the shift to veganism, the similarities seem further and few between especially when it comes to snacks. Deep fried foods is also a category normally assigned to unhealthy, greasy foods as well. Yet, despite the health disadvantages, people always go back for a nice heaping of those oily, deep fried bites because it tastes delicious.

However, believe it or not, there is an absolutely mouth-watering deep fried snack, both gluten free and vegan, that nonvegetarians and vegans can enjoy together; this dish is called Gobi 65.

What is Gobi 65?
‘Gobi’ is the Hindi word for cauliflower and Gobi 65 is a vegan variant of the famous Indian snack, Chicken 65. This dish consists of deep frying medium-sized cauliflower florets in a dry batter made from all-purpose flour, corn flour, rice flour, and semolina (sooji). The dry batter is what makes Gobi 65 turn out so crispy. Mixed within this batter is salt, garam masala powder, pepper, ginger, garlic, red chilli powder, and curry leaves to provide a rich, spicy flavor coated around the cauliflower.

After the cauliflower is nice and crispy, it is sauteed into a smooth gravy with green chillies, cumin, curry leaves, and a touch of yogurt. The yogurt provides a tasty balance of soothing, creamy moisture to the hot, tough shell of the cauliflower. Another nice counterbalance to the dry, crispy texture and feel of the cauliflower are the accompanied sauces, which range from a delectable coconut chutney or sambar, to a simple serving of ketchup.

Why is it called Gobi 65?
There are several theories about the origins of the name “Gobi 65”, and none have been confirmed as right or
wrong. Some believe the dish was first created in 1965 and thus named after its origin year. A more popular story that is circulating around is that the dish was made in a military cafeteria in the Tamil Nadu region of South India where on the menu it was listed as the 65th dish. Others also believe that the number 65 was the number of chillies used in the dish when it was first made.

According to the Times of India, the last theory holds some weight. As mentioned earlier, Gobi 65 is a vegan and healthy variant to Chicken 65. Back in the day, a common friendly competition would take place amongst
individuals for who could eat the most chillies. One hotelier decided to run with this idea and made the dish Chicken 65, introducing it as a meal made of 65 chillies for every kilogram of chicken used. Since Gobi 65 is a vegan alternative to Chicken 65, the name most likely translated from there.

Regardless of its start, we are all just glad that Gobi 65 is here to indulge our unhealthy cravings with a fit replacement.

Is Gobi 65 healthy? How many calories are in Gobi 65?
Yes, Gobi 65 is healthy. First of all, its main ingredient, cauliflower, has a plethora of health benefits from its high fiber content to help with digestive health, abundance of vitamins (with almost every vitamin and mineral that an individual needs), low calorie count, impressive amount of antioxidants that reduce inflammation and protect against chronic diseases, and is a great low-carb option to replace grains.

Just one cup of cauliflower contains three grams of fiber with only 25 calories. As a result, cauliflower is a great choice for people on a weight loss diet, but is also a wonderful healthy kick to include into any recipe.

The batter used to coat the cauliflower is also made from fairly healthy, light ingredients with just a few spices and herbs like curry leaves to provide some flavor to the snack, providing a delightful aroma as a bonus. Curry
leaves are rich in Vitamin A, B, and C while also being rich in iron and calcium. Therefore it complements the cauliflower well.And so Gobi 65 is a tasty, healthy, spicy snack to entice both non-vegetarians and vegans
alike! The crispiness and deep fried taste can satisfy anyone’s deepest, darkest cravings by seeming like an unhealthy snack but providing all of the best nutrients and vitamins you actually need.