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Thanjai Restaurant™ named after “Thanjavur” (a.k.a “Tanjore”) which is an agricultural town in Tamilnadu State and is the district headquarter famously known as the "Granary of South India", since the rule of Chola dynasty. This district lies at the Kaveri river delta region, the most fertile and the main rice producing region in the Tamil Nadu state, therefore known as "Rice Bowl of Tamil Nadu". Thanjai is also famous for Brihadishvara Temple (a.k.a Big temple) built by Tamil king Raja Raja Chola I between 1003 and 1010 AD, the temple is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site known as the "Great Living Chola Temples”.

South Indian Cuisine: Rice is the staple grain and is a part of almost every meal from breakfast to dinner and some traditional desserts. Coconut palms are abounding and the fruit is an integral part of the cuisine!

Though vegetarian and non vegetarian diets are common in Indian food, mainly vegetables, fish, chicken, goat and lamb make up part of the South Indian diet. The tempering is almost always based on a perfect blend of spices, curry leaves, mustard seeds, chilies and oil or ghee [clarified butter] for scrumptious dishes!

From the popular South Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli and Vada to spicy Chettinad curries from Tamilnadu or rich flavorful biryanis from Hyderabad, we at Thanjai Restaurant™ bring you these varieties in the menu with unique preparations for you to relish!


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